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Postdoc position available in the Gonder Lab, Texas A&M University

16 Sep 2023 11:26 PM | Anonymous

If you would like to bring your creative leadership to a lab with diverse projects, apply for a postdoc in the Gonder Lab at Texas A&M University’s Department of Ecology and Conservation Biology (ECCB, Postdocs in the Gonder Lab will work on existing projects and are encouraged to develop their own projects that leverage research and resources in the lab.

Current Projects:
1. Ape population genomics:  The Gonder Lab has a long-term interest in improving understanding about the processes that generate genetic diversification.  This project takes advantage of an exceptional dataset of re-sequenced whole genomes, genome-wide SNP genotypes, samples representing >1,000 wild chimpanzees, and a rich database of geospatial data including abiotic, biotic and human impact metadata (e.g., land use maps, climate models). A current focus of the group is using SNP data from chimpanzees paired with phenotypic data to improve understanding genotype-phenotype interactions. For more information, visit

2. Mapping adaptive potential in Texas:  This project examines the adaptive capacity of animal and plant communities and ecosystems in Texas, aiming to uncover their ability to effectively respond to various challenges and opportunities brought about by ongoing transformations in Texas. The project takes advantage of the resources and collections in the ECCB department’s Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collection ( 

3. Ape socio-ecology:  The Gonder Lab, along with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, operate a long term study of chimpanzee socioecology at the Ganga Research and Biomonitoring Station at Mbam & Djerem National Park in Cameroon.  This project takes advantage of a robust dataset of monthly biomonitoring of chimpanzees, ongoing since 2016.  For more information, visit

Required Experience: 
For projects 1 and 2, the candidate must have an in-depth experience in genomic data generation, curation and bioinformatics commensurate with projects developed in consultation with the Principal Investigator.  Experience in the curation and analysis of spatial metadata along with genetic data will be important in successfully completing projects.  For project 3, the candidate must have strong skills in statistical analysis of socioecological data.  

Preferred skills:
Reading and writing proficiency in French is a plus, but not required
Evidence of a publication record

Job Responsibilities: 
70%: Research activities
10%: Graduate student mentoring
10%: Proposal writing and conference presentations
5%: Lab management
5%: Other Duties as assigned

Anticipated salary: 
$60,000/year plus benefits

How to Apply: 
Applicants external to Texas A&M -

Please send inquires to Dr. Katy Gonder (

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