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2022 OTPAG Award Winners
Raquel Fleskes, Christina Balentine, and Jacob Haffner were awarded the Outstanding Trainee Presentations in Anthropological Genetics (OTPAG) awards for their presentations at the 2022 meeting of the American Association for Biological Anthropologists (AABA) in Denver, Colorado.

A Statement from the AAAG Executive Committee
The AAAG commits itself to advocate for and enact structural change within our organization, the academy, and society.

OTPAG Awards
The Outstanding Trainee Presentations in Anthropological Genetics (OTPAG) awards are given for the best poster and podium presentations at the Human Biology Association (HBA) or American Association of Biological Anthropologists (AABA) annual meetings. An award may be given for the best presentation in four categories: 1) student poster, 2) student podium presentation, 3) post-doc poster, and 4) post-doc podium. Each awardee will receive a $200 cash prize and a one-year subscription to the AAAG’s official journal, Human Biology. Student or post-doc presenters must meet the following two requirements for consideration: 1) be the lead author of a presentation on the topic of anthropological genetics, and 2) be the presenting author.

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